About Katie Brown Los Angeles

A native Los Angeleno by birth, Katie Brown grew up in the town of Eugene, Oregon. Although she has spent considerable time in Hawaii, Manhattan and San Francisco, it has always been Southern California and the Pacific Northwest that have exerted the greatest influences on her sense of self and place. Katie has always felt the same affinity for the warm sun, blazing city lights and eucalyptus kissed nights of the Hollywood Hills as she has for the lush, rugged, and rain-drenched landscape of Oregon. For her entire life, she has happily kept one foot in each of these two very different places she calls home.

When she opened the first of what would become five restaurants in Eugene, she wanted to infuse the culinary cutting edge of restaurants she loved in Los Angeles with the slow, local and artisanal ethic that was an essential part of her Oregon experience. After more than a decade in the restaurant business, Katie brings the same dual inspirations to her creation of a clothing line of timeless and classic staples for the female wardrobe.

As much at home in the mid-century modern architecture of her beloved Hollywood Hills as she is in a simple cottage on the rocky Oregon Coast, Katie wanted a line of clothing that was equally at home.

Welcome to Katie Brown Los Angeles.