Out of clutter, find simplicity.
Albert Einstein.

Einstein probably wasn’t thinking of women’s fashion when he uttered these words. He was likely thinking about the mind-bending mathematical complexity of curved space-time. But these days, a woman’s closet is often a space of its own mind-bending complexity: a chaotic array of clothing accumulated over the years, according to the dictates of this or that trend in fashion.

At Katie Brown Los Angeles, we agree with Einstein: it’s time to find simplicity out of the clutter. After all, how many of the items in our closets do we actually wear? From the myriad choices confronting us each time we open the closet door, most of us choose again and again from the same small set of favorite pieces. And that is absolutely fine.

KBLA wants to help women cut through the clutter by offering comfortable, classic, timeless pieces of made-in-America clothing that become the basic staples and foundations of your wardrobe. The kind of pieces you’ll return to again and again. Pieces that you love and that you can personalize and accessorize with shoes, boots, jackets and jewelry.

KBLA believes in helping you to make conscientious purchases of fewer items that actually last. We want you to spend less time furiously accumulating disposable trends that you’ll never wear again, and more time building the basics of a wardrobe you’ll love and return to for years.

We want to help you slow down, simplify and de-clutter. Not just your closet…but your life.